What are top #comet items to keep in mind at SSG?

Keep these in mind daily for SSG
added by Charles Jo Nov 1, 2015

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by Charles Jo Nov 1, 2015
1- @nuclearpengy’s company, MyEcommerce, has spare capacity. Help spread the word by RTing: https://twitter.com/MyEcommerce/status/657148602138165248 DM @nuclearpengy if you need Wordpress, hosting or custom dev work. Friendly rates for SSG members.

2- @tavarez is building his portfolio so ping him for more info.

3- #south-america see @jean

4- #nyc see @geeky_yang

5- #jobs-by-workhere for job leads & discussions. 

6- @stefan is offering free front end web dev services to build his portfolio. DM him if interested!

7- http://growthhackingidea.com/?ref=2110311 invite link to get one growth hacking idea a day in your inbox!

8- Getting ready to launch Thicket on Product Hunt! Hunters -- I would love for you to check out our landing page thicket.link/?ref=producthunt, give feedback (on design/onboarding/etc.), and hunt it if you like it :)

9- @mdoran is offering free resume review service (ex Google recruiter). 1 per week, that we conduct on Blab to help benefit the larger community. No one should have to pay for a resume service. Ever.

10- #calacanis Required listening to Jason’s podcast. Please write reviews on App Store. https://twitter.com/ssgslack/status/659386857852047360

11- After dealing with the hectic mess of buying a house in California I built a site to help others going through the process. If you know anyone trying to close on a place please share: http://www.homebuyinglist.com 

12- #Washingtondc see @cchurch5 

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